Power of Mining

With gold mining, miners search and dig through
the earth in hopes of striking gold.
With Bitcoin, miners attempt to find Bitcoin through
solving complex mathematical problems.
Blockchain is the technology that cryptocurrency is
built on.
It is a ledger that is publicly distributed and records
every Bitcoin transaction.
It is literally a digital chain of blocks.
Each block contains a group of Bitcoin transaction
Miners add to the blockchain by using computer
processing power to solve complex mathematical
Solving the problems will result in the block being
successfully added to the chain.
The miner who correctly solves the problem is
awarded Bitcoin.
Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, designed
the Bitcoin network to allow for a block to be mined
every 10 minutes.
To maintain this 10-minute pace, the difficulty of
the mathematical problems adjust automatically.
When there are more miners and more computing
power attempting to mine, the level of difficulty will
When there are fewer miners and less computing
power, the level of difficulty will decrease.
At the beginning stages of Bitcoin, individuals
interested in Bitcoin mining were able to do so using
their personal computers.
As its popularity increased, so did the difficulty of
To accommodate the growing level of difficulty,
more computer processing power was required.
Soon, miners used gaming computers to attempt
to mine Bitcoin.
The process repeated, and the mining difficulty and
amount of computing power required increased.
Eventually, computers and chips were created for
the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin.
Today, it requires efficient hardware, those with
strong computing abilities and energy efficiency.
Solving the Bitcoin algorithm to add to the
blockchain and receiving Bitcoin requires an
immense amount of electricity.
Keeping electricity costs low is key to making
Bitcoin mining profitable and sustainable.
Beyond releasing new coins into circulation, mining
is central to Bitcoin’s security.
It verifies and secures the blockchain, which allows
cryptocurrencies to function as a peer-to-peer
decentralized network without any need for
oversight from a third party.
And it creates the incentive for miners to contribute
their computing power to the network.
With a finite amount of Bitcoins available to mine,
the demand will edge higher as the reservoir of
available coins to mine shrinks.
If Bitcoin becomes more adopted for use as currency,
it will add to the demand.
The best benefit of using bitcoin mining is that your
transaction will never get counterfeit, all due to
blockchain technology.
It is the only technology that can save you from all the
threats, and the best part is that once your
transaction is recorded, no one can change that.
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