Power of Web3

The next big wave is the Web3 or the Decentralized
It will take a nostalgic turn to the vision of Web1
and Web2 with better privacy, data security and
more human-like interaction.
The vision of a more transparent Web dates back to
However, the technologies and tools weren’t
Bitcoin was still three years away, bringing forward
with it the concept of the distributed ledger,
or blockchain technology for peer-to-peer digital
Decentralisation was the idea, while blockchain the
What we now have is the ‘Human-Centered Internet.
One of the most significant benefits of Web 3 is the
transformation towards being able to access the data
from anywhere and is mainly driven by the heavy
usage of Smartphone and Cloud applications.
Web3 is the third era of internet providers for
sites and applications that will zero in on utilizing a
machine-based comprehension of information to
give an information driven and semantic web.
A definitive objective of Web3 is to make more
smart, associated and open sites.
Web3 is a new and rapidly developing technology
that will forever change how we use the Internet.
Web3 is powered by blockchain technology and
decentralization, democratizing content creation
and eliminating the middleman.
Web2 relies on social media sites to store, distribute,
and benefit from content.
Web3, in contrast, allows users to earn tokens for
their community participation and activity directly.
These tokens have actual monetary value and
give users meaningful ownership of their projects.
Web3 projects are open source, and anyone can
build on top of other projects.
Web2 worked with limited API access, but Web3
works like Lego blocks, where every part can
be interconnected and reused.
This is called “composability” and this paves way for
leveraging existing projects to create something new,
making it easy to generate innovative new projects
with real value.
Web3 will redefine how we interact with the digital
world and the change will not just be for individuals.
The effect of Web3 blockchain on businesses, both
traditional and disruptive will be equally massive.
Unlike the current system, where information can
easily be copied or stolen without the user knowing,
blockchain technology is secure and tamperproof,
and data cannot be changed or hacked without the
interference being detected.
Web3 will be able to extensively personalize your web
browsing experience.
Web3 browsers should protect users’ data through
encryption while giving them the option to get
paid in turn of giving out their personal information.
In Web3, you get more fine-tuned control over what
information is available about you online and who
can access it.
Moreover, you get a cryptographically secure way to
prove whether the information is accurate.
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