Power of Cryptography

Cryptography is technique of securing information
and communications through use of codes so that
only those person for whom the information is
intended can understand it and process it.
Thus preventing unauthorized access to information.
The prefix “crypt” means “hidden” and suffix graphy
means “writing”.
In today’s age of computers cryptography is often
associated with the process where an ordinary plain
text is converted to cipher text which is the text made
such that intended receiver of the text can only
decode it and hence this process is known as
The process of conversion of cipher text to plain text
this is known as decryption.
In Cryptography the techniques which are use to
protect information are obtained from
mathematical concepts and a set of rule based
calculations known as algorithms to convert
messages in ways that make it hard to decode it.
These algorithms are used for cryptographic key
generation, digital signing, verification to protect
data privacy, web browsing on internet and to
protect confidential transactions such as credit
card and debit card transactions.
Earlier cryptography was effectively synonymous
with encryption but nowadays cryptography is
based on mathematical theory and computer
science practice.
Classical Cryptography is independent of the
medium of transmission, and hence can be used to
transmit sensitive data over long distances.
Classical Cryptography is highly flexible and can
be implemented in hardware, software or a
combination of both.
Classical Cryptography does not require the use of
computers or any such costly devices, and also
classical cryptography does not require any special
specification for the medium of transmission, and
thus considered as a cheap way of encryption of
sensitive information.
The one-time pad algorithm in classical cryptography
is practically uncrackable.
When used properly, classical cryptography protects
your plain text from all sorts of casual snooping.
Let’s build a scenario to understand the cryptography
Assuming a person, A has sent a text message to his
friend B, who lives in a different country via a public
However, a person named C hacks the
communication course’s security and changes the
message from A and then redirects it to person B.
This is where the concept of cryptography comes
into the picture.
Now A uses a key to encrypt the same message
and sends it over the same public platform, however,
this time, no one would be able to decode the
message as it’s encrypted.
The receiver, B, will be using his decrypting key to
transform the message into a readable format again.
And even if C hacks the communication channel
midway and he alters the message, B will get error
information when he tries to decrypt the same
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