Power of Dapps

‘Dapps’ are an abbreviation of “Decentralized
Applications” and has its backend code running on a
decentralized computer network, unlike an app that
backend code functions on centralized servers.
Dapps are a good alternative to traditional apps.
Many of the advantages of Dapps revolve around the
program’s ability to safeguard user privacy.
With decentralized apps, users do not need to submit
their personal information to use the function the
app provides.
Dapps use smart contracts to complete the
transaction between two anonymous parties without
the need to rely on a central authority.
Decentralized applications are more stable, more
flexible, and safer however, the main benefit of
Dapps is that they, as the name suggests,
are decentralized.
This means that they can be more resilient,
autonomous, and secure than traditional
As a result, Dapps could potentially dramatically
boost the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies
by exposing more people to it.
This is why some observers are predicting that Dapps
can, in fact, have as large an impact on the world as
the rise of mobile applications, or traditional
server-client applications, have had.
They are also designed to run natively on a
decentralized network with trustless protocols or a
Through storing both data and records
with the use of blockchain technology, Dapps can
truly be characterized as being ”decentralized.”
Dapps are the talk of the blockchain town nowadays
and have attracted the interest of developers all over
the world.
Blockchain-based Dapps are considered a new wave
of applications that leverages the blockchain based
The reason Blockchain-Based Dapps are intriguing
the development world is that they are unlike
traditional applications.
Blockchain-Based Dapps don’t need a middleman
for connecting users and developers.
They are connected directly for hosting and managing
the code and user data.
Unlike traditional apps, no permission is needed for
building a Dapp, and the rules of the platform cannot
be changed by a centralized group of people.
Currently, there are 2948 Dapps built on
Ethereum, which is the leading Blockchain-Based
Dapps platform.
This is in stark contrast to existing centralized
applications such as, Facebook.
Whilst Facebook’s evolution is, mapped
out by Mark Zuckerberg, Dapps are more transparent
and user-governed.
Moreover, an additional advantage of decentralized
applications is that they are immune to any single
point of failure.
This is due to its fundamental nature of
Any changes to the Dapps can only be
performed through consensus.
Users or members of the decentralized applications
can vote on how the applications should evolve or
Dapps are leaderless and controlled by their users.
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