Power of Protocols

Protocols matter because they determine the
scope of functionality that your software can
Protocols are basic sets of rules that allow data to
be shared between computers.
For cryptocurrencies, they establish the structure of
the blockchain the distributed database that allows
digital money to be securely exchanged on the
Protocols allow cryptocurrencies to be decentralized
via the blockchain which means they are spread
across a network of computers with no central hub
or authority.
Remember that a protocol can provide the structure
for more than one network usually as development
teams bring a new blockchain network to full
implementation, or create a mirror network for
experimenting with new development tools in a
test environment.
Protocols are developed by teams of people such as
foundations, private companies, or groups of
Protocol development teams collaborate to establish
rules with parameters that will create the blockchain
they envision once other participants join in the
network to make it live.
In the process of doing so, protocol teams regularly
steward multiple blockchain networks that follow
the same protocol.
When launching a Blockchain software development
project, the selection of a Blockchain protocol is one
of the most important decisions that will have to
be made.
The key advancement of the Bitcoin protocol was
that it created digital money that can be traded or
spent without anyone in the transaction worrying
that the money has already been spent.
Since Bitcoin protocol was born, subsequent rulesets
have evolved to encompass a huge range of
There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, each with
their own protocol.
The Ethereum protocol, for instance, is designed
around “smart contracts” in which a transaction
or agreement automatically executes when certain
criteria are met.
A vast new set of protocols that run on the
Ethereum blockchain have emerged, allowing for
a range of decentralized financial products that
automate everything from lending and savings to
The evolution of DeFi protocols will open the way for
introducing more financial instruments.
DeFi protocols are self-governing programs or smart
contracts created to address the shortcomings of
the traditional financial sector.
As of now, many DeFi protocols have become
integral parts of a complex ecosystem with many
notable tokens and projects.
With the substantially soaring values of DeFi
protocols, the opportunities for startups in the DeFi
space become clearly evident.
It is quite clear that the massive ecosystem of best
DeFi protocols would continue to expand.
With the help of DeFi protocols, users can
seamlessly receive capital, lend and borrow
cryptocurrencies without the need for a middleman.
What are your thoughts on the power of protocols?
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